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 Server Rules

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Mod Tyler

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Sat Jan 05, 2013 2:15 am

Breaking any of the following rules can result in a ban, ipban, mute, ipmute, or jail, depending on how serious the offense is.

1 ) No scamming of any kind.

---Side Note--- Luring is NOT against the rules. If you get lured, it's your own fault.

2 ) Respect staff members.

3 ) No Staff Impersonation

4 ) No Hacking

5 ) Bug Abuse of any kind will result in an immediate ip-ban.

---Side Note--- Any Bugs/Glitches/Exploits should be immediately reported to staff

6 ) No advertising ANY sites including another rsps. (ip mute)

7 ) No Real World Trading.

8 ) No account sharing.

9 ) No trading items between private servers OR RuneScape

10 ) ONLY people who have the trusted rank are allowed to host dice.
(nobody will be punished for breaking this rule but if you get scammed by a non-trusted rank, you will receive no refund. no exceptions.)

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Server Rules
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