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 New Client

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PostSubject: New Client   Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:54 pm

you may have some disconnection problems soon as you need the new client to enjoy the full content of the game,the download link to v2 is below. ?716tdb7gj7l3aa5

in other news,
- implings now have 100% accurate loots in items\rarity
- you need a jar to catch imps
- imps will spawn randomly across the map
- imps dissipear when caught
- imps will randomly teleport away.
- imps are no longer found in the agility\hunter area.
- kingly,zombie,pirate and spirit implings have been added.

- you can now decant potions into potion flasks
- you can mix flasks of the same time together
- when emptied from either mixing or drinking a flask, it will break.

- empty flasks are sold in the general store for 50k a piece for now

- summoning tab has now been added in the new client
- amount of scrolls for the appropriate familiar summoned will be displayed in the tab
- summoning level will display on the new summoning orb and in your summoning tab
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New Client
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