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 updates 1/25/13

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PostSubject: updates 1/25/13   Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:45 pm

some of the following may only be useable when the new client download is released in a few days.

a summoning tab has now been added
-you can take bob, fully functional no bugs
-you can call your follower, if you have one summoned of course.
-you can dismiss your follower, if your follower has items on it, they are all dropped on the floor.
Bob storing;
previously when storing in a familiar you had to click an item over and over to store more than one of the same item;
-store 5 was added, stores 5 items, if you have less than 5 it only stores the amount you have.
-store 10 was added, stores 10 items, if you have less than 10 it only stores the amount you have,
-store all was added, simply put it stores all of the chosen item from your inventory that you have.
Bob withrdrawing;
i left it being that you can only take one item at a time from your bob as you can simply click take bob to take multiple items out, though i may consider adding withdraw 5,10 and all in the future.

duel arena:

-staking has been re enabled
-dupes have been fixed
-proper respawns when you die in the duel arena now rather than spawning in edgeville you spawn back in the duel arena
-dueling interfaces have now been fixed(it will actually say which rules you are toggling, previously nearly all text was blank, now all of it is included).


It wasn't really needed but i figured i would make a few teleport items functional;

Skull sceptre
-proper animations/effects
-has two teleports, invoke and divine
-divine will teleport you to barbarian village
-wearing it the operate option will also take you to barbarian village
-invoke will take you to the chaos altar in the wilderness in which you can change to curses beware, its high level multi.
side note:
in the future i might change the invoke teleport to be a teleport that works in the wilderness at any level to add value to it.

Enchanted lyre

-the enchanted lyre has six charges, each time you use it it goes down one, when it's out of charges you have to recharge it.
-teleports you to relleka
-proper animations/effects

-proper animations/effects
-when you empty the ectophial to teleport, it will infact be empty, use the empty vial on the ectofuntus to refill it
-teleports you to the ectofuntus in canafis

side note:
in the furutre i will be adding crushing bones and using them on the ectofuntus for higher exp rates than a guilded altar.

Base stat orbs:
your base stats are the equiptment stats that you have without gear(gear adds onto the bonuses ofc)
pretty much instead of 0+gear bonus it would be base stat+gear bonus, in simple terms.
-you need 100 rune shards to make an orb, the shards are untradeable, the orb is tradeable.
-when using the orb it will break, and you will have a slight chance to retain a few of the rune shards.
-you can get between 0 and 10 in each attk stat 0-20 in each deff stat, 0-15 prayer and 0-5 strength, you also have a slight chance to get 0-10 strength as slim as it is.

To get runeshards:
-they will be a common-uncommon boss drop off most boss monsters
-you will be able to buy them for dungeoneering tokens(dungeoneering is finished but not yet released due to bugs)
-you will be able to randomly obtain them while you skill
-you will also be able to have a chance at getting a few off of pking, though due to possible pkp farming, which is bannable, the drop rate wont be as high as it will from the other above listed methods of obtaining them.

-most if not all emotes have been fixed
-blow kiss no longer loops
-you can no longer move while doing an animation
-weapons and sheilds no longer show up when doing an emote.
-you no longer continue to chop a tree when you walk away from it

most of these updates are client sided, thus you wont notice them untill i release the new client this is more of a heads up of whats coming soon.

also, heres a sneak peak at construction
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updates 1/25/13
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